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Can I use a lift with the Advanced Spa Cover?

1. Yes, however, because of the heavy-duty aluminum hinge used in every Advanced Spa Covers, not all lifts are compatible. The key point is the thickness of the metal pipe or bar that runs across the center hinge that is common to most lifts available. 2. If your lift has a pipe or bar that runs across the center hinge, that pipe cannot have a circumference larger then .75”. Use of a lift with a pipe thicker than .75” will void the warranty. 3. We offer a retrofit kit that is very easy to install and eliminates the need for the black pipe that lays across the hinge on your old cover. This kit is free with every new lift purchased through us. If you want the retrofit kit to fit a lift that you already have, simply drop us a line and we can get you going. 3. Advanced Spa Covers offers and recommends several brands and styles that work best with our hinge style. Please visit our Lift section for more details.

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