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How do I clean the cover?

  1. The outer shell of every Advanced Spa Cover is “hydrophobic”, which means that it “repels water dirt and debris” and this makes it easy to clean.
  2. Cleaning an Advanced Spa Cover is as easy as cleaning a car, a table or a counter top.
  3. No common and commercially available soaps and cleaners will harm the finish, however, we recommend minimum scrubbing with an abrasive cleanser such as Comet as it may eventually effect the shine.
  4. Feel free to use a pressure washer as well, or simply hose it off with a garden hose and broom.
  5. The “Titan Tough” outer shell is made to handle this.
  6. The cover can also be washed using the same tools you use to wash your car.
  7. And feel free to sanitize the non-porous surface using any household sanitizer for a germ and virus free bathing experience.

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