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What is the R-value of your covers?

  1. We believe that all spa cover manufacturers should have to abide with total public disclosure of the true energy efficiency of their covers. Many tricks are used to fool the unwary public in this regard.
  2. A quick example of this is the calculation of the R-value. Most manufactures quote you the total R-value based on a 4” thick cover, but on the typical 2” to 4” tapered cover, the average thickness is really only 3”, so they are stretching the truth there.
  3. The Styrofoam used in a traditional cover offers an R-value of about 3.8 per inch, x 3” = 11.4 R-value in your typical traditional cover, averaged.
  4. Advanced Spa Covers does NOT use Styrofoam. Our covers come standard with 2lb rigid NGX-XPS insulation with patent protected “thermo-pocket” dead-air spaces trapped inside a vapor proof shell. All combined our standard R-value is an average of R-18. With all energy saving options included, an Advanced Spa Covers is available with R-values as high as R-45.
  5. The bottom-line difference between the Advanced Spa Cover and the traditional style of cover is that the Advanced Spa Cover has 25% higher R-Values PER INCH! This means more savings for the consumer.

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