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What kind of upgrades and options are available?

  1. Any color of the rainbow is available
  2. Have an image, pattern, or texture carved into the surface of your cover
    1. These 3D Embellishments can be done in the top, bottom or edges of your cover. It is your choice.
  3. Add additional handles to any location you please
  4. The interior sealed 99% effective radiant heat reflective barrier greatly reduces heat lost via radiation loses
  5. Add additional tie-down straps for added security and for high wind areas
  6. The honeycomb sandwich panel increases strength and energy savings
  7. A thicker cover (3” to 5” taper or 4” to 6” taper) may work best in extreme environments
  8. Longer skirting helps to protect the acrylic edges of the spa from sun fading and damage
  9. Color matching hinges
  10. Deluxe handles are also available
  11. We can make custom hatches that can be used for waterfalls, adding chemicals, providing for a place to sit without opening the entire cover
  12. We can add extra gasketing for unique situations
  13. Covers can be made in practically any shape
  14. You can add buckles to hold sections together
  15. We have deluxe tie down straps available
  16. We do custom paint jobs on any of our covers by request

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