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Please explain to me how you are “more environmentally friendly”

Yes, thank you for this question; because this is very important to us here at Advanced Spa Covers, and there are many reasons why we are more environmentally friendly than any other hot tub cover available…

1. To begin with, our patent protected design allows us to use 1/3rd less foam insulation to produce every cover while at the same time improving the ability for the cover to increase energy savings at the same time.

Using less insulation reduces the impact on our natural resources.

Being more energy efficient saves power and energy and saves you money too.

2. Old water logged traditional hot tub covers are tossed into our landfills at an astounding rate. The State of California estimates that 1.74 million old spa covers are throw away every year. These old water logged covers are not recyclable. The Advanced spa cover does not absorb water, and comes with a lifetime warranty too.

3. We do not any Styrofoam, or EPS foam in the production of our covers. We use only a new technology of foam called NGX foam which meets all of the latest and strict EPA Guidelines for environmental protection. Advanced Spa Covers is the ONLY manufacturer of hot tub covers that uses NGX foam. The only one!

4. Traditional styles of hot tub covers allow water to soak into the core in short time. Water is an excellent conductor of heat. This means that a water soaked cover allows valuable heat to escape even when the cover is closed. The State of California has calculated that California residents alone waste about $23 million dollars ANNUALLY from water logger spa covers alone. Advanced Spa Covers do not absorb water, period.

5. There are 3 ways that heat is lost from a hot tub, Conduction, Convection, and Radiation. “R-Values” measure heat transfer via conduction only and Advanced Spa Covers have 25% higher R-Values PER INCH that a traditional cover does. Additionally, per the State of California, again, most of the heat lost in a hot tub is through convection and radiation! Our patent protected features stop heat loss via all three modes of heat transfer. The traditional cover does not.

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