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Swim Spa – Activity- SOLD OUT!


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The Activity Swim-Spa Specifications:

Sterling White Acrylic
Gray Cabinet
Dimensions: 155” x 89” x 50”
Number of seats: 7
Loungers: 1
Massage jets: 56
Turbo Swim-jets: 5
Floor Swim-jets: 2
Soft Air Massage System
Synergy Water Maintenance System
Energy Efficient Filtration Pump
Starbrite Interior Led Light System
Audio System with IPOD Docking Station
Wi-Fi Ready
Build in Stereo Speakers
Volume: 2,774 gallons
Dry Weight: 2,866 lbs.
Item Number    100522
Spa Length          155 inch
Spa Width           89 inch
Spa Height          50 inch
Number of Persons         3 Persons
Aqua Rolling Massage    Yes
Shell Construction           Polyethylene Shell with 5 years Warranty
Maintenance-free Exterior Cabinet          Yes
Number of LED lights in corner panels     2
StarBrite LED Underwater Lighting           Yes
Number of Seats              3
Number of All-Active Hydrotherapy Jets with Stainless Steel Finish             58
Total Number of Jets      58
Number of Air Jets           10
Number of Zoned Air Controls    8
Ozone System   Yes
Waterfall             Yes
Floor Drain          Yes
Number of Headrests     3
Filtration System              Programmable Filtration System
Heating System Balboa
Aromatherapy  Yes
Amount of LED-Lights     47
Audio System with IPOD Docking Station               Yes
TV/DVD Audio System   No
Speakers             2 x Built-in Speakers
Massage Pump 1              5.0 HP
Massage Pump 2              5.0 HP
Massage Pump 3              5.0 HP
Massage Pump 4              5.0 HP
Massage Pump 5              Circulation Pump
Massage Pump 6              Air Pump
Filtration Pump 1/4 HP
Control System Balboa
Full Flow Electric Heater                3.0 KW
Filled Weight      19,180 lbs.
Insulation            Ultra-efficient double-layered cabinet insulation
Electrical Requirements 380 V / 3 x 20 Amp
EAN Code            8718836537653
Merk     Passion

Available on backorder

The Activity Swim Spa is a compact swim spa that combines 3 massage seats with the Adjustable River Swim System™, allowing for a vigorous swim while keeping your head comfortably above the water level. The force and flow of the stream is complete and can be used in combination with our unique Current-Lift technology ™, enabling you to also remain prone in the water even while swimming at a slower pace. The three massage seats are designed for different body lengths and incorporate specially designed massage techniques including our exclusive Passion Spas Aqua Rolling Massage ™, one of our most popular and effective massage features that offers tremendous massages especially for the lower back.
Sterling White Spa with Gray Cabinet
Personal Design
Each of our four Passion Spa Collections is designed to fit your specific relaxation, therapeutic and entertainment needs. Every spa seat and lounge is ergonomically designed and fitted with a specific and unique jet and massage package for maximum comfort and enjoyment.
Pleasing Massage
The massage jets in a Passion Spa are placed in such a way to provide maximum therapeutic benefit for you. The massage effects range from the pulsating jets to our exclusive Aqua Rolling Massage™, delivering a range of massage types designed to meet your individual therapy needs.
Perfect Water
Passion Spas include our exclusive Synergy™ water purification system that combines exceptional filtration with the latest in water sanitation technology. The result is clean and sparkling spa water with lower maintenance and costs for you.
Planet Friendly
Our Hybrid heating technology combined with our low wattage filtration pump allows Passion Spas to operate with minimal energy consumption. In addition, our triple-layer insulation and high-density spa cover create maximum heat retention.
Precision Made
From the strategic placement of equipment and components, to the precise fit of the maintenance free panels, Passion Spas are built to give you peace of mind and long-lasting performance.
Protection for you
Passion Spas are built with over a quarter century of experience and are sold by dealers who are selected for their expertise and integrity. Passion Spas and our dealers are committed to your complete satisfaction.
Professional Design
Breathtaking spa designs with exceptional seating comfort.
At Passion Spas, designing great spas is our specialty and our passion. We go to great lengths to ensure that every detail of the spa contributes to your comfort and creates the ultimate relaxation experience. The pleasing lines of the spa shell are both attractive and functional, providing strategic locations for lighting, jets, and features. Controls are within easy reach, seat contours and depths provide maximum comfort, and there are a variety of seating options in each spa for your enjoyment. Beautiful waterfalls, LED lighting, and aromatherapy are only some of the features we include to enhance your spa experience. Your Passion Spa is a work of art designed to deliver functional beauty to your home or backyard.

The Advanced Spa Cover