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Simply the Best Hot Tub Cover Available Anywhere

Welcome To The Future Of

Hot Tub Covers – Now

Engineered Like No Cover Before with Lasting Durability

Patented 100% Seamless Outer Shell is Cut, Scratch, Stain and Weatherproof to Protect the Patented Honeycomb Core Making this the Only Cover UL Tested to Over 1,000 Lbs.

Custom Personalized Esthetics Make it Yours

You Name Any Color of the Rainbow

You Select Endless 3D Design Possibilities

Industries Only Lifetime Guarantee

Made With No Compromises in Materials and Workmanship, Your Advanced Spa Cover is Built to Last and Will Not Absorb Water to Remain Lightweight for Life

The 7 Most Important Traits Every Hot Tub Cover Should Have:

“Easy to Open and Close by ONE PERSON” – YES!

“Must be Durable and Come with a Lifetime Warranty” – YES!

“Must be Energy Efficient, and Protect Life and Property” – YES!

“Must NOT Soak Up Water Like a Sponge and Gain Water Weight” – YES!

“Must be Germ-Free, Easy to Clean and Maintain” – YES!

“Must Look Amazing, Stay That Way and Match My Décor” – YES!

“Must Be Environmentally Friendly Because We Care About the Earth” – YES!

The Future of Spa Covers -is- Advanced Spa Covers

Any Color – Any Design

The Advanced Spa Cover

All standard covers up to 96″ x 96″ in size

3-Piece Spa Covers up to 96″ x 120″

All 3-Piece Advanced Spa Covers

4-Piece Swim Spa Covers

All 4-Piece Swim Spa Covers up to 96″ x 192″

The Only Spa Cover with 3D Embellishments Available

You can select from one of our hundreds of premade designs, or, You can even create your own design to truly make your spa cover unique. Express yourself through your design.

“You know, it’s about time someone did something about hot tub covers to make them last! Thank you Advanced Spa Covers for finally doing it right”


“I love it! My friends and family are actually jealous of my NFL hot tub cover with our favorite team design AND team colors to.

It is sooooooo cool!”


“I have no regrets in getting this new cover. It is absolutely beautiful and works great!”


Let’s work together and get your new Spa Cover looking the best it can be

Select one of our standard covers or, our Design Team loves to help design the stylized hot tub cover of your dreams.