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Custom Swim Spa Covers

Our Exclusive “Ultimate Cover III” 3-piece swim spa cover by Advance Spa Covers

Congratulations, you have just found the best place in the world for Swim Spa Covers!

Why? Because we offer more of what you’re looking for and with better performance.

More: options, sizes, types, selections, lifts, colors, shapes, designs, and a better warranty as well.

We are stronger, longer lasting, have the best energy efficiency available, and we understand what is needed to make your swim spa cover perfect.

We offer the perfect swim spa cover because we know what makes the perfect cover perfect. Our swim spa covers are:

  • Easy to open and close by one person!
  • Never gains water weight by soaking up water inside
  • Super easy to maintain
  • Will never drain harmful, toxic, carcinogenic, foul smelling, moldy, nasty stuff down into the water that you swim in
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Save you money on energy costs
  • Reduces water evaporation and chemical use
  • Keeps the rain and dirt out
  • Keeps your spa water cleaner and clearer
  • The most environmentally friendly spa covers available
  • Optional ASTM Safety Compliance for no added cost to protect life and property

Advanced Spa Covers has more to offer than any other cover manufacturer anywhere

We offer swim spa covers that are NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE ON EARTH. And with so many options to choose from, we have a lot to share on our website here. But please feel free to drop us a call or send us an email to cut right to the chase for what your looking for.

How many pieces does your current swim spa cover have? Three, four, five, maybe even six? We do them all, and then some more. We can even do a one or a two-piece cover on a swim spa that is 220” or longer and make that one or two piece cover so one person can open and close it. Amazing things do happen at Advanced Spa Covers.

Our team is ready to assist you in designing the best cover for your situation.

Give us a call or send us an email, and we can answer all of your questions and explain the many different designs and options we have available.

One Piece Swim Spa Covers

One piece spa cover

With our exclusive arched design option, and patented laminated core and seamless outer shell, we can do one piece covers of all sorts of sizes and shapes.

One piece covers offer simplicity and are quick and easy to lift off. Your one piece cover can be lifted on one side and tilted back, or we can add handles anywhere on the cover that you desire so two people can lift the one piece cover off with ease.

This may sound counter-intuitive, but a one piece swim spa cover may be just what you need?

And we can add electric or hydraulic assisted lifts to our one-piece covers too. Drop us a call and lets discuss.

Two Piece Swim Spa Covers

The exclusive “Ultimate Cover II’ a two-piece swim spa cover with the hinge that runs lengthwise down the center
Apologies for the chainsaw noise in the background, but here is a video showing how the Ultimate II electric lift system works.
Two piece swim spa covers can be hydraulic assisted or electric

The exclusive “Ultimate Cover 2”

Our very exclusive two-piece swim spa design (shown above) has the hinge running lengthwise down the center of the spa making this our most popular model by far. It opens like a regular hot tub cover by simply lifting up on the front half and tossing it to the back, then lifting up on the center hinge section to swing the folded pair back.

And for this two piece, long hinge style of cover, we highly recommend our exclusive electric lift option which can allow one person to open and close this cover entirely with just one hand. This electric lift option is also not available anywhere but at Advanced Spa Covers.

Never fight with a heavy water logged cover again. Never have to wait for someone to help you open or close your swim spa again. Never worry about rainwater draining into your swim spa and having it overflow again. Never hurt your back trying to lift that old over again. Never worry about stinky mold and mildew ruining your pleasant journey into your swim spa again. With this new 2-piece design, we have all of this covered and much more.

Three Piece Swim Spa Covers

Our exclusive long hinge style of swim spa cover can also come in 3 pieces as shown above with the front half split into two sections to make this cover even easier to open – THE ULTIMATE COVER III
This 3-piece cover has two sections hinged together with the third section remaining loose and removed independantly

Some smaller to mid-sized swim spas may work best with a 3-piece cover design. At Advanced Spa Covers we offer many 3-piece cover designs that you cannot find anywhere else. They can be beveled as shown above, or we can arch the design so rain water runs off of the sides if preferred.

Individual sections: Your 3-piece swim spa cover can be made with no hinge at all so that all 3 sections are loose and individual. Some of the pros with this option are that each section then remains smaller and lighter and easier to move around when storage options are tight and there is no room for a lift.

At Advanced Spa Covers we also offer another exclusive with stainless steel latches that have adjustable locking forces to provide a clamping seal between each section and that are lockable too making this individual section option more attractive, better, and easier to use.

Hinged sections: Your 3-piece cover can also be made with one or two hinges at your option.

A very popular option is to have just one hinge connecting two of the sections together while leaving the third section loose and removed from the spa individually. The two hinged sections can then be opened together with one of our many lift options, or we can install handles anywhere on your cover that best suits your layout to make life easiest for you. Just let us know what you need.

Four-Piece Swim Spa Covers

Before we invented the 2-piece design with the long hinge running lengthwise down the center as discussed above, the 4-piece design was by far our most popular and today it still meets the best possible layout options for many swim spa owners because of access matters to and from the spa. But unlike everyone else’s 4-piece swim spa cover design, our 4-piece cover does not leak rain water down the center seam, it does not require a Velcro seal at the center seam, and it remains just as easy to open many years down the line as the day you put it on because our covers do not absorb water into the foam core like the others do.

Our most popular option for the 4-piece design is to have two hinged pairs at each end with our exclusive arched and buckled seam at the center where they meet. And with this design most customers prefer a lift at each end as well so that each end opens separately from the other and with our lift options, again we make it easy enough for one person to open and close your swim spa cover.

But we can also do four piece covers in many layouts, including all 4 pieces being individual and buckled together using our exclusive stainless steel clamping system with locks. Either way, drop us a call or email and let’s discuss your needs and let’s see what we can design for you.

Five-piece, six-piece, or more, custom cover are our specialty

Hinged, no hinge, clamps, no clamps, long, wide, odd shapes, rock walls, railings, slides, waterfalls, arches, walls or posts in the way, different elevations, we love a good challenge, bring it on!

With so many options available on how to design and fabricate your larger swim spa cover, we suggest starting by sending us some photos of your spa with a short description of your needs and desires and our team will quickly get back to you with some ideas for discussion. Drop us a call or email to get the ball rolling.

Thank you,

We look forward to working with you towards designing a cover that meets all of your needs, dreams and expectations.