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Patent Protected “Laminated Core Technology” (LCT)

Standard with all Advanced Spa Covers is the LCT. Other spa covers are all made with a single sheet of lightweight EPS “Styrofoam” insulation for the core. This saves the manufacturer money and time during assembly, but costs the end user a loss in strength, energy savings, and durability. Good for them, bad for the consumer and the environment. This loss of strength and energy savings is especially true when compared to an Advanced Spa Cover.

At the Heart of Every Cover is the Foam Core!

  • We use only Owens Corning NGX Foam Insulation.
  • No EPS Foam, no Styrofoam-ever.
  • We designed Advanced Spa Covers with NO COMPROMISES, we use the foam that has the highest R-value per inch, is the most water resistant, has the highest density, and is the best and most friendly to the environment.

AND, because of our patent protected lamination process, we use 25% less foam while remaining stronger and more energy efficient . A win-win for you and the environment.

Below are a few videos illustrating the big advantage that our Owens Corning NGX Insulation has over the other foam when used in a hot tub cover.

Let’s face it, the environment that a spa cover has to survive is pretty brutal, right?

So, we stick with the product demonstrated and tested in these videos below: