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Best in Class

Custom in ground cover

The Advanced Spa Cover simply has everything going for it.

  • The strongest cover available –
    • UL tested to support 1,000 lbs., no one else can claim this.
  • The most energy efficient cover available –
    • Highest energy savings with 25% higher R-values PER INCH
  • The healthiest cover available anywhere –
    • The only nonporous, seamless, germ-free, virus free, mold and mildew free cover available.
    • Easy to sanitize to kill virus’s and germs with the use of standard cleaning methods
  • The most beautiful cover available –
    • If not by the number of exclusive cosmetics features available, but by popular demand.
  • Check out this single page, A SIDE BY SIDE PRODUCT COMPARISON CHART to see for yourself.

The World’s Strongest Cover

Advanced Spa Covers (ASC) is UL tested and approved to support 1,000 lbs. The testing lab did not take 1,000 lbs. and spread it evenly over the whole cover; that would be cheating. For us, UL placed 1,000 lbs. all concentrated in one square foot, directly in the center of the cover. Their results- “no damage to the cover at all”.

No other manufacturer can claim this!

All Advanced Spa Covers come with our Patent Protected “Laminated Composite Core Technology” and made using the highest grade of foam core available.

Other spa covers are all made with a single sheet of lightweight EPS “Styrofoam” foam insulation for the core. This saves the manufacturer time and money during assembly, but costs the the end user a loss in strength, energy savings and life expectancy of your cover. This loss of strength and energy savings is especially true when compared side-by-side to an ASC Cover.

The World’s Most Energy Efficient Cover

Advanced Spa Covers patented “thermocell technology” ( For a full description, please follow this link)

A Quick overview on the Thermocell Technology System:

  • We use over 25% less materials that than the traditional cover
  • We do not use any Styrofoam, no EPS foam, which is infamous for polluting the world
  • Our patented assembly system creates miniature internal captive dead-air spaces that are better insulators than the Styrofoam
  • The assembly creates an internal radiant reflective surface to reflect radiant heat energy back down
  • We use only the finest Owens Corning NGX products
  • Our foam cores have 25% Higher R-Values PER INCH than the traditional covers do.

The World’s Healthiest Cover

Surfaces that you want to remain sanitary all have one thing in common, they are all non-porous. Take your kitchen counter for example. Spill water on them and it will not soak in, right? So, then we ask: why would we want our spa cover to be porous? Why would we want a cover that soaks up water? Why would we buy a cover that allows germs, viruses, mold and mildew, to permeate deep into the surface and soak right through to the core?

The Advanced Spa Covers’ outer shell in non-porous! This is very important for the life expectancy of the cover; it is also extremely important for health and sanitary reasons. It is made from materials that are actually “FDA approved for full and direct food contact”. It can be easily cleaned and sanitized just like your kitchen counters are, using typical household cleaners and sanitizers such as Lysol or bleach or dishwashing soap, or sanitizing wipes.

MicroBan 24 is a product we recommend for a germ and virus free spa cover. It will not harm the surface of all ASC spa covers.

The CDC explains how “a non-porous surface can be disinfected and sanitized much better and easier than a porous surface could ever be”. And the EPA writes that, “no disinfectant can claim to disinfect soft porous surfaces”. Take a close look at the label on your household disinfectant for example, chances are it states, “for use on hard non-porous surfaces only”.

The Advanced Spa Cover is the new and healthiest solution that will stop the growth of harmful bacteria, germs, viruses, mold and mildew as well as prevent any carcinogenic or toxic chemicals from draining into your spa water to. Our covers all have a 100% seamless and non-porous outer shell. No seams to ever fail or leak to allow water to penetrate the core and no pores to allow germs, virus, mold, mildew, or bacteria to enter and grow.

In a relatively short time span, the traditional vinyl wrapped cover can be a harbor for germs, viruses, mold, mildew and bacteria. The surface is porous, allowing water, germs, dirt and pollen to soak deep into the core of the cover where it can flourish and grow. Combine this with the warm steamy moist environment that every spa has, and we get a perfect storm for an unhealthy situation providing the perfect breeding ground for these unwanted micro organisms and viruses.

In a short time, the traditional cover starts to smell bad. We get dark stains on it that can grow from the inside out. Water and steam that has permeated into the core picks up toxic and carcinogenic chemicals that leach out of the Styrofoam insulation and vinyl wrap and drain down into the very water that we bathe in! How awful is that?

The World’s Most Beautiful Cover

If color is important to you, then you have came to the right place.

No other manufacturer offers any color of the rainbow!

Sherwin Williams Paint Color Palette

Simply give us your color details and we can probably match it. Although we prefer Sherwin Williams, any paint color chart or paint sample would work such as one from Home Depot or Lowes.

Advanced Spa Covers is also the only manufacturer that offers your choice of 3-dimentional textures, patterns, photos, images, designs, logos etc… carved directly into the surface of your cover. Have them set into the top(s), bottom(s), even decorate the edges!

Endless Possibilities! You have endless possibilities of how to design your new Advanced Spa Cover! Absolutely Endless! Your cover will be one of a kind!

Mountain Scene

You can also have bottom surface carved with 3D designs

Your Design: You have full control over the design you wish carved into your cover. Send us a photo, design or just an idea or theme. Even a sketch written on a napkin can be used get things started. We will work with you to get your design finalized for our computer driven factory equipment and get your approval of your art before production begins.

Tree of Life

The Ideal Cover: Our goal is to make your lifetime cover one that you will be very proud to display. An ASC Cover can now be a focal point of your outdoor décor. Hot tub covers used to be something that just we needed to keep the spa clean and warm and in just a short time they become an old, dirty and worn-out, stinky embarrassment. Now, your cover can be a focal point, even something that strikes up conversations. Like a piece of furniture, your new Advanced Spa Cover can complement your décor 100%. You set the standards!

Ripple Design

Design Ideas: We can create your private design from practically anything. Display your favorite sports team with their logos and colors, you can even design your own logo, show us your hobby, your interests, your artwork. Display your favorite brands, colors, patterns and designs. Make it fun, make it yours! Don’t know where to begin? Drop us a call or email and we love to help.

Koi Pond

Check out our Custom Order Page to see how easy it is to design your own amazing cover.