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Health Benefits of a Non-Porous Hard Spa Cover

According to the EPA, no disinfectant can claim to disinfect soft porous surfaces. Take a look at the label on your household disinfectant for example, chances are it states, “for use on hard, non-porous surfaces”.

The outer surface of all Advanced Spa Covers is not only seamless, it is also a hard non-porous surface that can be sanitized using common household cleaners to keep it clean, germ and virus free for the good health of you and your family!

The surface of every ASC cover is in fact FDA Approved for direct food contact as well. You can keep your spa cover clean enough to eat off of!

Plus, rain water beads up and runs right off like it should… and, there is no need for sealing the surface, ever.

But the importance of a non-porous spa cover does not stop at the surface! The traditional style of cover with a porous vinyl wrap literally allows water, impurities, dirt, germs, mold, mildew, and virus’s to penetrate deep into the core of your old cover and this can create a very unhealthy environment to say the least.

Below is a photo of a typical traditional style of cover that was cut open to expose the inner core after just a few years of service. It shows how rust, mold and mildew has taken over and ruined this cover from the inside out!

The owner of this cover ended up cutting holes into the bottom of their old cover to allow water to drain because it was just “getting to heavy to use”. The big problem with this is that that nasty, and unhealthy water is draining into the very same spa water that you soak in!

The solution is simple. Buy an Advanced Spa Cover and all of these issues and concerns are history! Our 100% seamless and 100% non-porous outer shell prevents anything from penetrating into the core and it is easily kept clean and germ free with common household sanitizers.

Order yours today. Our current lead time is just 4 weeks for the average cover!

1 thought on “Health Benefits of a Non-Porous Hard Spa Cover”

  1. Mark & Bonnie Hensley

    We have a 2007 Jacuzzi model J480. We need a new cover made (ours is cracking and smells horribly of mold, even after pressure-washing and cleaning with a mold remover). AquaQuip in Lynnwood gave us a copy of your brochure, as they are unable to help us with a custom cover.

    We need a cover that is either split into thirds, or a 1/4-1/4-1/2 style due to the height of the patio cover. Would you be able to help us?

    Mark and Bonnie H.

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