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Advanced Spa Covers are ASTM Rated

ASTM rated hot tub cover
The American Society of Testing and Materials, or ASTM, has developed safety standards for both swimming pool and hot tub covers.

The rating ASTM F1346-91  means that the cover must meet  performance standards to serve as a barrier for children under the age of five.

All Advanced Spa and Hot Tub Covers meet or exceed the ASTM Standards.

Just as important as the ASTM rating, many covers cannot support the weight of added loads and/or the get very weak once the foam cores get saturated with water due to them leaking. The ASTM rating listed above does not fully cover this major and leading cause of failure in the traditional covers design and construction methods. Take this cover shown below for example (courtesy of Trip Advisory and taken by a tourist visiting a well know vacation resort)

Make an Advanced Spa Cover the last cover you will ever have to buy.

This cover above undoubtedly meet the same ASTM standards, but still this happened and obviously created some very serious safety concerns.

Advanced Spa Covers are the only cover available with the Laminated Honeycomb Core Technology that eliminates all concerns of sagging centers, ponding water,  broken cores and bent hinges and support beams. And we back that up with the only Lifetime Warranty.

3 thoughts on “Advanced Spa Covers are ASTM Rated”

  1. Marygrace Carpenter

    I need to purchase a Jacuzzi cover with locks for safety of my tenants. Please contact me if you build such an item.

  2. Do your ASTM rated spa covers have locking devices on the straps? Or is a typical hot tub cover plastic clip together piece considered an acceptable locking device for protection of a 5 year old?

    John Paris 3104530066

    1. Hi John,
      Great question, thank you very much.
      In short, yes the standard black plastic locking buckle clips found on most traditional covers do meet ASTM minimum requirements and this is what we also use unless otherwise specified and requested.
      These buckles do come with keys, but they are far from being ultimately secure.
      So, in the pure interest of protecting life, we do offer upgrades on our locking tie down straps too that go above and beyond the ASTM minimum requirements.
      We can make straps that require pad locks, straps that have built in stainless steel cabling, metal buckles, and other super secure locking systems too.
      Reach out to our staff for more information if interested.

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