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3 Piece – Oversize Spa Cover

From $4979.00

Custom design and order your new Spa Cover here.

For all spas up to 96″ x 144″, made in 3 pieces.

In-Ground, or Above Ground, please design and specify your new cover on this page.

You can order your new cover with 2 pieces connected by 1 hinge and the 3rd piece loose, or you can order it with all 3 pieces loose and separate. Simply make note of your preference in your Notes Field during check-out.

If your spa is larger than 99″ x 144″ in either direction, or if you need more customization, click here. Otherwise…

Order with or without 3D Embellished designs, patterns, logos or photos – The Choice is Yours!

Click here if you need more customization than what is listed here. Otherwise…

Please make one selection per line item below to add your cover to the shopping cart.

We always confirm all details with you prior to production.

Leadtime is currently at about 3 weeks depending on the complexity of your cover.

Details on each of the following options can be seen by following the links provided in the “More Information” Descriptions at the bottom of this page.

Select Color Here
Select from 4 standard colors or select "Custom Color Match" to name any color you wish from the rainbow. We will reach out to you to confirm color selection prior to production
Select Skirting Width and Color Here
Skirting color will match color selected above. If you select "Custom Skirting", then you name the color and width and we will reach out to you for the details.
Hinge Options - 2 Choices
Select the Standard Hinge-less option if you want each section to be a separate piece. Or upgrade your cover to include a geared, pin-less, continuous aluminum hinge at your option
Handle Options - regular or deluxe and quantity
Select regular or deluxe handles, as well as the quantity. We will confirm the locations with you prior to production.
3D Embellishment Options - Unlimited Options
Select whether you want a 3D Design or not. Options below include a few from our library, as well as custom choices. If you would like to select a custom design, select 1x, 2x, 3x, or 4x and we will reach out to confirm details and assist you in designing the cover of your choice.
Radiant Barrier Options - Yes/No
Yes or No Radiant Barrier - click on the link near the bottom of this page to learn more
Will this cover ever be used with a Cover Lift? Yes or No
Your new cover may need additional modification for your cover lift. If you ever intend on using a lift, please select "yes" below. Additional Lift Anchors are required if you intend to use a lift. Contact us for more details. We will always confirm details with you prior to production.

The Advanced Spa Cover

With every Advanced Spa Cover comes hundreds of options to select from. Do not worry about getting every single detail such as custom color, or custom skirting, and especially the 3D Design Options entered now. Our Custom Design Team will always reach out to you to confirm everything prior to fabrication.

The links provided below will all open in a new window and are for information only. Do not click, “add to cart” when viewing any of these links as this may result in two of the same item getting added inadvertently to your cart. If you are interested in any of the optional upgrades, you can learn more about each one via these links, but add them to your cart via the drop down menus above only. Thank you. If all else fails, please contact us, drop us a call, text or email and we can help get your ordered placed personally. 

  • 100% Seamless Outer Shell – Industrial Strength
  • 64 Mil (16X thicker) Vapor Barrier is 50X more waterproof than the traditional cover is
  • Professional 3rd Party Lab Tested to support over 1,000 lbs.
  • Will not absorb water or gain water weight over life
  • 25% Higher R-values Per Inch
  • Choose as many standard recessed handles as you want for free, or select our Deluxe Handle Upgrade – the choice is yours
  • Uses no Styrofoam or EPS Foam
  • Optional Radiant Heat Barrier is patent protected to be the only truly effective barrier in the industry
  • Most energy efficient cover with “Thermo-cell Technology”
  • Optional Solid Heavy Duty Aluminum Hinge is geared, pin-less, strong and waterproof
  • Laminated Composite Core Technology (better than a solid chunk of foam)
  • The standard Neoprene Hinge is extremely strong, durable, weather and waterproof and made of the same rubber that auto and truck tires are made from
  • Removable skirting track system means you can slide the skirting out to clean or repair it
  • The optional Hinge-less method creates your cover in separate sections with each piece being individual and extremely tight gasketed seams that lock the sections together
  • Unaffected by extreme exposures to ozone, UV light, chlorine, bromine, acids and the harshest weather conditions
  • Unlimited color choices – You can match your house, your deck, your fence, you can name the color
  • Toughest UV Protective Coating
  • Custom 3D Textures and Patterns Available
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • Carve Custom Designs in the top and/or the bottom – You Decide
  • Lifetime Warranty
Weight135 lbs
Dimensions96 × 15 × 48 in

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The Advanced Spa Cover