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“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

Frustrated with the poor performance and short lifespan of the traditional style of spa cover, our Founder set off to make them better. Here is his story….

Jeff Jensen founded Advanced Spa Covers. He has been an Engineer, Architect and Building Contractor for decades while supervising and working on numerous million dollar construction projects including shopping centers, high-rise offices and hotels, conventions centers and with Boeing Aerospace. He has used his vast experiences and training to engineer, design, fabricate and patent what most agree is “the best hot tub cover ever made”.

“Driven by values to make the best cover ever…

with no compromises, one that will last as long as the spa it is installed on”

I started off just building one for myself, then by popular demand, my friends and family wanted one too. Now I am bringing this new design to the internet for everyone to enjoy.

– Jeff

I am extremely proud to offer this new spa cover design to you and I take great pride in personally monitoring and inspecting covers during assembly and before they leave our factory. I am backing these covers up with a new warranty unlike any other in the industry. After all, don’t we all want a cover that will last as long as the hot tub itself? We can make that happen! With select covers, we offer a warranty that covers just that. Our covers will last as long as the spa you bought it for.

These things are not only a thing of beauty and they are soft to the touch and feel, but they are extremely tough and durable too. “Beauty and the Beast” I call it.

Using aerospace technology and materials, we have designed an industrial strength cover that has the beauty and style to match any décor. A true win-win for everyone. Plus, we strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible by reducing the amount of foam used in every cover and reducing the number of covers that are thrown into our landfills every day.

Thank you,

Jeff Jensen, Owner

Super Efficient

Designed with aerospace technology to be the only cover UL Certified to support over 1,000 lbs. and not gain water weight over the life of the cover.

Highly Skilled

To custom design the perfect cover for any spa.

Made In America – Manufactured in Washington

Family Owned

Jeff Jensen


Elma Jensen


David Luciano

Director of Sales and Marketing

Jason Guanzon

Designer – Production Manager

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