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Standard – Hinge-less Option


Available as a free upgrade, select the “Standard Hinge-less Option” if you want a cover with no hinge.

Each piece is an individual piece that is removed individually.

Each then piece slides up to the adjacent section and the sections are held together with stainless steel buckles providing a waterproof, air-tight, dirt and dust proof connection between them.

Buckles are easy to operate with one hand and made of thick and sturdy stainless steel.

Please do not click the add to cart button here. Please add this to your cart from within the prior window and while specifying the details on your cover order only.


The hinge-less option is a new and very popular option available at no extra charge.

Whether you have a 2 piece cover, a 3, 5, 5 or even 6 piece cover, each section can be separate and individual from the next.

The benefits of this are many. 

  • Each section can be removed and replaced separately making each piece much easier and lighter to handle
  • Each section can be stored away in tighter areas because each section could be smaller
  • Individually, each section weighs less and is easier to handle
  • The seam between each section is always fully gasketed and in most cases, the seam also comes standard with a stiff flap that helps to keep them in alignment and protects the gasketing when in storage
  • Buckles are very easy to open and close with one hand operation
  • Buckles pull the 2 sections tightly together with a snap action and create a waterproof, weatherproof, dirt and dust proof, bug and child proof connection between the two sections
  • Buckles come standard with the ability to be locked using any small padlock type of device making them safe and child proof and fully ASTM Compliant
  • Bathers can remove only a section at a time and use only the uncovered sections as desired
  • This hinge-less method works especially well with extra large covers of multiple sections
  • In areas and applications where a lift is not feasible due to space constraints or blockages, the hinge-less system offers another solution to keep your spa cover easy to operate
  • Coupled with our custom handles, each section is easy to lift and carry

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The Advanced Spa Cover